Dressing for Success

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Dressing for Success
*   Men, by nature, tend to be casual about appearance.  it is  important to get it right with regard to that most manipulative form of non-verbal communication, your appearance *   What you wear, how you wear it and of course, how you look is a very important source of self-confidence *   At places with cool atmospheric conditions you can wear a suit. Select a relatively simple pattern for offices. The pinstripe conveys the most               authoritative image *  Even in hot weather, long-sleeved shirts are the dress code. Plain collar, pin through or button-down collar shirts are acceptable. The cuff of your shirt sleeve should cover the wrist bone. Make sure that the neck is not too tight * Ties are going out of fashion, but ties are required for a good Corporate Image. When buying a tie, make sure you select one that is long enough. The end of the tie should meet the top of your belt * Make sure that the color of your tie is darker than your shirt and the color of your shirt is lighter than the trouser * When buying shoes, remember two words: chic and comfort. Do not wear shoes in a contrasting color to your dress. Wear closed shoes. Open toes and sandals are too casual and informal for business * Never wear white socks for formal occasions. Your socks must have color close to the color of your trousers * When it comes to color, all image experts share a preference for grey, blue and navy * Don’t forget to complement your overall image with the right accessories. Good quality belts, gloves, wallets, briefcases and pens project a look of confidence and success.
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