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Name of the Enterprise
The business name “Wedlock Trends” will display a wedding dress shop that will offer the latest and the hottest styles of wedding apparel of the season. Location
The location of the business is at Door 4, 500 Gabaton Building, Elpidio Quirino Avenue, Davao City. The commercial space measures 5x14 sq. The space will be rented at P12, 000/month, exclusive of water and electricity expenses. The area is a perfect spot for a wedding dress shop for it is easy to find since it is located in the main road. Aside from that, the area is filled with office buildings, inns, schools, and other business entities nearby. Descriptive Definition of the Product

Wedlock Trends shall cater to the needs of grooms and brides in a comfortable and relaxed setting. In its warm and intimate setting, the Wedlock Trends’ friendly and knowledgeable bridal consultants are available to help in finding everything that they need for their upcoming wedding. We offer bridal dresses and all the accessories as well as fashions required for the rest of the bridal party. Project’s Long-Range Objectives

Wedlock Trends has been created with one main objective: to provide the bride with the ultimate experience in finding the perfect wedding dress! In 2016, Wedlock Trends will create tie-ups with the prominent photo studio and flower shop here in Davao. It will be convenient for our clients for they don’t have to waste their time searching for quality photos and videos as well as fresh and beautifully arranged flowers. Wedlock Trends will expand and cater other occasions as well. Elegant night gowns, classic dresses, up-to-date men’s suit, and a lot more will be added to our collection for parties, debuts, and other significant events. By doing such, it is expected that the number of employees in every department will be increased as well as the machineries used in the process. Feasibility Criteria

The most important guidelines used to judge the feasibility of the project is its marketing aspect and financial aspect. The marketing aspect tells what the project is all about, who the target market is, when is the perfect time to open the business, where is it located, and how is it going to compete with its competitors. It is also where the demand and supply analysis is, which will be a great criterion. The financial aspect provides the data that shows the projects profitability. It is important to know if the project is attainable, feasible, and profitable. Highlights Of The Project

Many young girls dream about what kind of wedding dress they’d like to wear on their special day so we have thought of creating a project that will certainly be desired by our target market. It’s a business that caters not only the needs of a soon-to-be couples but one that fulfills their dreams, to have a unique and remarkable wedding. This is an amazing business which has developed a strong, distinctive and individual identity with a reputation for both quality and service - very profitable business. This is a delightful business with bridal gowns to suit every style of wedding. It is fantastic opportunity to own a money making business in a very up-market industry. This business is not just a business, it is a life style choice with plenty of fashion. This very good business opportunity provides bridal wear, stocked with a superb range of designer wedding gowns, bridal accessories include jewelry, tiaras, stationery, gifts, to compliment any wedding reception which is excellent for add-on purchases. This is a business opportunity to own and grow a dynamic business .This is an amazing opportunity for someone who just wants to literally wants to jump straight in and continue the exceptional success achieved. It is a business opportunity that is highly profitable and offers great potential whether h global, national or local aspect. Project Time Table and Status...
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