Dress Me Up Business Plan

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Dress Me Up Shop Business Plan

Executive Summary
Dress Me Up shop is a website that sells specialized clothes. Dress Me Up Boutique has been conceptualized year 2012.
Dress Me Up aims to eliminate middleman and offers creative fashion clothes that is both functional and beautiful. Because our shop manufactures all the clothes we are selling, we can say that we can save in the cost in producing our very own product. The savings are passed on to our customers who will be paying a fraction of what they normally do for current retreated fashion in stores.

Dress Me Up clothing line consists of good fabric, good materials, designs and styling on the market. Dress Me Up aims to hired skilled workers to give the best product for the consumers. Our design team will work for the first rate designs in fashion.

Dress Me Up’s mission is to present consumers with designs, styling and clothes that energizes any lifestyle a consumer has. Whether it would be an executive look, a dramatic look, a teeny look, Dress Me Up has it all. Dress Me Up has a comfortable, manageable, durable accessories and clothes that will look and feel wonderful. 1.2 Key to Success

* Accessible website that is entertaining to surf. Like a trip to your favourite store where you always find something new that you want. * Establishing a strong advertising campaign in a traditional media vehicle; i.e. magazines. * Excellent vendor relationship that will facilitate quality manufacturing of Dress Me Up clothing line and quick shipment of orders. * Acquiring an excellent design staff.

Start-up Summary
Dress Me Up’s start-up costs consist mostly of design and marketing. Dress Me Up has P2, ooo, ooo.
2.1 Start-up Requirements
> Leased Office Equipment
> Computer Equipment
> rent
> Others
2.2 Companies Ownership
Dress Me Up is owned by the creators of it.

Marketing Mix Strategy

Dress Me Up will sell women’s and men’s clothes and accessories online. We will give customers needs in fashions such as: * Outdoor outfit (sports, seasonal outfit)
* Executive Outfit
* Dress
* Gowns
* Personalized t-shirt
* Barong

Dress me Up's marketing strategy is a simple one. We will introduce customers to their products and website through social sites. For the first two months, Dress Me Up will offer 10% off for all purchases under P2, 000 and 15% off all purchases over P2, 000.

Besides the owners Dress Me Up will have a staff of eight:

• Three member design team.
• Web administrator.
• Two member marketing team.
• Accountant

Our Dress Me Up Factory is located at Poblacion Arayat Pampanga near the Town market. Because we are an online shop, our shop can be found through surfing the internet.

Our product will range from P200.oo-P10,000.00

Marketing Analysis Summary

In the past years, fashion Industry has grown into billion peso niche. The popularity of the internet has launched a number of online stores for women and men’s wear but no company is exclusively selling their product online. There are number of reason for it but the strongest is because the strategy is new and untested. It’s hard to sell a product online but it can be easy if consumer will have fun in buying it.

The key is marketing our target customers in the traditional advertising medium for products. The ads will focused on eliminating middleman in your business in your budget and stepping up to the distinctive style of Dress Me Up. The Company Logo will also be important marketing tool in bringing customers to our website.

Market Segmentation
Dress Me Up will be focusing on two distinct groups of men & women that purchase our products. * 17-25 years of age: Youth drives the market so this is the important group to attract in the website. They have less money than the older group so we must give them what they want for less. The key is...
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