Dress Code Policy

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  • Published : December 6, 2007
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2007 Dress Code Policy

Professional Attire
*Management may ask that you dress in professional attire when visitors are expected.

(Required when visitors are on site during the hours of 7AM to 7PM, Monday-Friday. Employees will be given as much advance as possible when visitors are on site.)

Men: Slacks, sport slacks, (Dockers type) sweaters, golf shirt, shirts with collars. Casual shoes or loafers. (no jeans, no T shirt and no tennis shoes.)

Women: Slacks, dresses appropriate length skirt. Skirts should not be more than 3 inches above the knee. If sleeveless, must be worn with jacket at all times. Casual shoes or loafers. (no jeans, no T shirt and no tennis shoes.) Scrubs are allowed to be worn on Friday's.

Professional Casual Attire:

Appropriate Attire –
•Jeans, Capri pants
•Shirts with or without collars
•Wind suits or jogging suits. (velour type)
•Tennis shoes, loafers, sandals
•T shirts Plain or with company logo.

Inappropriate Attire –
•Shorts/ Short skirts/Skirts with high slits
•Jellies/Rubber Shoes, Any type of water shoes, Slippers/House shoes •Shorts/Spandex/Lycra leggings or form fitting pants; clothing that is too tight. •Tank/Tube Tops, Halter Tops, Crop Tops, Bra Tops, Spaghetti Straps, Bare midriffs •Clothing resembling lingerie/pajamas

•Torn Clothing/Holes/Grunge wear/Soiled/Stained/Wrinkled
•Clothing should be worn with the appropriate foundations. No visible undergarments. •Sleeveless shirts exposing the underarm need to be worn with a jacket or sweater at all times. •Shirts with offensive language or slogans, pictures or images. •Shirts that are too short, sheer or clinging.

•Low rise, skin tight or hip hugger jeans, sweat suits.

*Midriff , abdomen , back or cleavage should not be exposed at any time whether sitting or standing.

*This list does not include all scenarios, management may advise of inappropriate attire on a case-by-case basis.

The general...
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