Dress Code Are a No-No!

Topics: Trousers, Dress code, Uniform Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Dress codes are a No-No!
By Jazmin Elizondo

Do you hate wearing uniforms or having a dress code in school? I do. In my school you can only wear shirts with a collar and our pants have to be khaki, navy, black or jeans, and they can't have holes. Our dress code is ugly. How about yours? Do you like it or would you like to change it? If I had my own school I would let my students’ dress how they would like, for them to have their own style. I believe student should be able to wear what they want and not let an adult tell them otherwise. Having freedom of style is a big thing in this society. What you wear makes you who you are. You express yourself with your fashion, how you dress. Everyone has a different style and people like to learn who you are. But when you don't have that freedom no one gets to know who you are. We use clothes to look our best and feel like the best, but when you have a dress code it ruins that. You see people with the same polo as you, who likes that? Not me for sure, I hate when people wear the same thing as me. I like to wear my things and the things that not everyone has, I like to be unique, I like to be me. I know some people will argue with me saying that uniforms will prepare us for the real world, our jobs. I understand that too, but we should have a little freedom, a little freedom for once. In our future careers we are going to be stuck wearing uniforms all day and every day. You would like to have some freedom wouldn't you? Also they will argue about exposure, that letting students wear what they want will lead to it. But a lot of the times the “inappropriate” clothing still follow the code of conduct and we still get in trouble for it. Having uniforms makes the students look “educated”, but they also make them look boring. Teachers and principals would always keep making up excuses for us not to have some freedom, but that should end now! Let's face it children and us teenagers are...
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