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Dress and Culture

By | November 2008
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When you think about dress, there are different ways a culture may present their way of dress in culture. You may have your typical clothing; but some cultures dress their bodies up with body art as well as piercing. Each culture chooses to wear certain pieces of clothing in order to express their culture and be different than everyone else. Being different is not a bad thing but it allows you to express a certain thought or belief that your culture may strongly believe. As you travel around the world, you will be exposed to different types of dress in each culture. When you think about how dress has evolved over the years there are many contributions that have occurred to allow us to say dress is a very diverse topic. When choosing which outfits to where some cultures choose the new trends out that season in order to try and keep up with fashion or to fit in. Some people who follow religion strongly may wear their clothing only during performances or religious ceremonies. Some people may say that religious clothing can be considered as occupational clothing. Or on the other hand, the clothing may be worn everyday expressing a special religious rank. When you think back to what could possibly be the earliest sign of clothing you most likely think of grass, leather, leaves or fur that was wrapped or tied to the body. It is very hard to identify traces of clothing since most of the items used were decomposed in nature. Unfortunately, the date when clothing originated is unsolved and will be a mystery. As years go by humans have developed new techniques when constructing new styles of clothing. Each piece of clothing may serve as a source of current fashion or a traditional piece of clothing. When people decide to buy an article of clothing there are a few things that I keep in mind. As I walk around the mall I look for cloths that appeal to my eye. I go to the stores I have been going to for years. I feel as though no matter what you wear you should never be...

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