Dreams That Have Not Been Touched - Essay

Topics: Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance, The Reader Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Dreams that have not been touched
Langston Hughes realized the importance of dreams and having those dreams which are torn apart. His poem, “Dream Deferred”, uses strong images to create a picture of negative and destructive outcome for a dreamer left unable to dream. The theme of the poem is what unites and joins every line to the poem as a whole. Langston Hughes also uses indirect references to illustrate that this is not about a dream of an individual but the whole nation’s struggle to attain liberation and peace. The poem involves a series of answers to the question, “what happens to a dream deferred” which shows that the following lines after the first question are portrayed as different similes. The first line of the poem is vital for the reason that it develops and sets the direction of the poem by creating an idea to the readers about what might happen to a dream when we apart from it for uncertain amount of time. However, it does not refer to the dreams someone may have when they are asleep but rather a goal each individual have set out for the future and desire to accomplish. In Harlem (a Dream Deferred) by Langston Hughes, the poet draws an image to the readers of what may happen to a person’s dream if it is postponed for a very long time The poet firmly gives an explicit idea that postponing a dream can lead to damaging influences. Each line explains the destructive effects and what end it can lead. The speaker asks if the dream dries up “Like a raisin in the sun.” (Line 2) Hughes uses a metaphor of a dream as a raisin compels the reader to believe about the altars that might occur to a dream if it is abandoned alone for too long. Even though the raisin is already dried, if it is left out in the sun for a long time, it will become hard and stiff which will make it hard to enjoy. Thus, if it is left to wither or unused it can shrivel away to something that is not useful or enjoyable. A person’s ability can surely grow stiff and dry up if it is not...
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