Dreams from the Monster Factory

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Violence Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Dreams from the Monster Factory

Throughout “Dreams from the Monster Factory,” Sunny introduces many different aspects and dilemmas dealing with the criminal justice system. While reading her book, it truly opened my eyes, and made me realize exactly how prisons are, and how they deal with inmates. This is much different than reading a textbook, which is also beneficial, but Sunny’s book gave personal experiences, feelings, and situations. As a criminal justice student, the book made me relate the information that I am taught in my classes to the dilemmas and situations Sunny dealt with. A major moral dilemma that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society is also a key dilemma throughout the book. Sunny’s argument is that the rehabilitation system dealing with the criminal justice is more beneficial and favorable than that of retributive. She was very passionate about this system dealing with the inmates of the prison she worked at.

The rehabilitation system of criminal justice states that inmates should be recuperated and “cured” of the issues and problems that led them to commit their crimes. In the beginning of the book, Sunny works at a typical prison in which inmates are treated poorly and are locked up for years upon years for the crimes they have committed. Throughout the many years she worked at this prison, she always felt in her heart that she could “cure” these criminals of their hatred and negative outlook on life and other people. By this, she did not mean simply to give them a pill to be cured, but to take steps into dealing with their issues, and introducing positive aspects into their lives. She felt that by one on one therapy sessions, education, and a new outlook on life, these felons had the same chances of living a normal life like everyone else.

The turning part of Sunny’s story is when she is asked to run and develop new programs for the new prison that was built. This was an amazing opportunity for Sunny...
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