Dreams Essay

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Unconscious mind Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Dreams and nightmares essay
Dreams are an unfolding sequence of perceptions thoughts and emotions during sleep that is experienced as real life events. Most dreaming occurs during the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, although dreams can occur in NERM sleep. There are many theories trying to explain the meanings of the things we see in our dreams. According to Freud and his psychoanalytic perspective published in the interpretation of dreams “dreams are the disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes and provoke the royal road to a knowledge of our unconscious mind.” Within this theory dreams have two types of content; manifest content being the content of the dream that we are psychologically aware of and the latent content, consisting of the unconscious wishes, thoughts and urges that are encrypted within the manifest content of dreams. Possible as it may be I find myself agreeing with more of the views of the activation synthesis. The Activation Synthesis model of dreaming introduced by J. Allen Hobson states that dreaming is our subjective awareness of the brains internally generated signals during sleep. Dring J. Allen Hobsons research he found that during sleep the brain areas responsible for outgoing motor signals and incoming sensory signals are inactive keeping the dreamer from acting out or responding to their dreams. While these areas are inactive during sleep other areas fire rapidly as if the dreamer were awake. the areas that are active during sleep are responsible for emotions, memories, movements and sensations. The prefrontal cortex responsible for logical, rational, and planning functions are one of the areas that are inactive this is very strong evidence of why many people make the claim of dreams not making sense, and jumping from location to location. A nightmare is a vivid and disturbing dream that awakens the sleeper; the typical scenarios played through a nightmare usually consist of feeling helpless or powerless, being...
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