Dreams Essay

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Goals and Dreams
I have many goals and dreams I would love. Some are big, some are small, and some are realistic, some not so much. Most of my dreams and goals are realistic and I plan on fulfilling as many as I can. Graduation and transferring, earning my Bachelor’s degree and getting a good job are my goals. After I reach these goals my dream of having a family, traveling, and being happy with life are going to be in my grasp.

Before reaching my dreams, I need to achieve my educational goals. First, I want to graduate and then transfer from Mt. San Antonio College. I am going to do so by taking all of my GE courses. I am also going to take all the required courses for my major. I am going to apply to many universities and Cal states so I can increase my chances of getting into a school. My ultimate goal school is the University of California of Los Angeles. By the time I have completed all of the required courses, I am definitely going to be ready to graduate from Mt. Sac too. Next, I want to earn my Bachelor’s Degree from the university I end up attending. With a Bachelor’s Degree at hand, l will be able to have many career options. I am also going to be proud of myself for going so far in my education. Finally, I am going to have a career I love. I will be able to help people. I hope that I make enough money so I can get by. Once these goals are achieved, I am going to get closer to my dreams.

All of my goals are going to be achieved and dreams are going seem even more realistic. First, I want to have a family. Having a family would include a handsome, hard-working, and loving husband. I also want to have children. My life would definitely be fulfilling. Secondly, I want to travel the world. I never traveled before in my life. Money and time have always been a factor. I will not have to worry about expenses so much because I will have a good-paying career. Some of the places I would want to travel to is San Francisco, New York, most of Europe,...
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