Dreams Come True

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Where Dreams Come True

Disneyland is where dreams come true. This is the place where you see your favorite Disney character; if it be a princess or superhero. When I was a child I always remembered people telling me that I closely resembled the princess named Pocahontas, and she became one of my favorite princesses to be when playing with my friends.

Pocahontas was my main character to play pretend. For example when I was about 5 my friend and I were playing Pocahontas at my house; I was Pocahontas. We thought it would be fun to pretend my plastic trash can was a fire that we made. I thought it would be even better if we had a real fire. So I walked over to the furnace which stood across from my room in a closet, stuck a piece of tissue where the flame was, and lit it on fire. The tissue was burning fast and started getting closer to my hand; I got scared, so I threw it in the trash can, thinking that it would go out, but it didn’t. The fire started to melt the plastic and into the carpet, my dad was asleep during all of this, it then started smoking, and that’s when the smoke detector went off. Once it went off my dad sprung from the couch and put out our camp fire we had made. When we looked at my dad he had the face of a very angry father who wanted to whoop my butt. My friend and I bolted to into my room and barricaded ourselves with my stuff animals and toys. As I grew older I saw this experience as a funny story to always talk about, but when I was younger it didn’t seem funny one bit. In this I learned that when you do something wrong there are consequences for our actions.

Some people learn their lessons by getting grounded or put on time out. Well for me this lesson was learned the hard way. When my mom came home she pushed her way through the door blocked by all my toys, she then told me to get down from the bunk bed, and spanked me in the butt really hard. She then proceeded to tell me in the morning we were going to go to...
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