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Focal conflict –recurrent -

Lecture: The Body and Dreams –

Vasaly Kasatkin –

-from Russia, born in 1912 - Soviet Union. He goes to the army. -Cultures were diverse.
-Wrote Theory of Dreams (not available in English)
-Rejected psychoanalytic approaches to dreams.
-Focused instead on body-oriented dream influences, but that they change if the dreamer changes professions or moves to another region. (dreams respond to many aspects of life) – Dreams are culturally shaped. Reflective in underlying health? (biology)

Studied soldiers in the Soviet Army:
•1st year, dreams were of past
•over time, dreams became more similar even if from different places-- i.e.,Ukrainian, Tatar, and Uzbeck dreams indistinguishable.

Kasatkin: Dream Influences -

•Kasatkin focused on what Freud called manifest content
-believed dreams caused by internal physiological stimuli, external stimuli, and social environment •Recognized dreams vary depending on one’s stage of life and gender was most focused on dreams and illness (pay attention to physiological aspects)

Dreams and Illness -
Katsatkin believed:
Duration of an illness, its seriousness, and it location in the body affected dreams Illness often causes increased dream recall
Illness often causes increased nightmares or dream distress-- more images of: war, violence, death, tombs, raw meat, graphic negative images…

Dreams and Illness continued…

Katsatkin believed:

•Such negative dreams often start before an illness was known to exist, even before symptoms arise. Illness dreams often last longer each night, often lasting all night in comparison to “everyday” annoyance or distress dreams.

The content of the dream can reveal the location and seriousness of the illness since all nerves are connected to the brain; dreams are diagnostic messages from the body. Health/Dream Warnings •He asserted warning times had a level of predictability:

•Heart attacks:
•Mental Illness:

Health/Dream Warnings:

-He asserted warning times had a level of predictability:
•Heart attacks: two weeks warning
•Mental Illness: years or more

Recurring dreams of body wounds:
•signs of dangerous illness (cancer, liver trouble, kidney or heart disease) Would always indicates from the body AND dream. (Synchronicity)

Kasatkin example:

Kasatkin tells story of a physician with recurring dreams of a young patient being attacked by muggers •Dr. tried to help but couldn’t.
•Dream ended with patient in street with wound across stomach, kidney lying next to him Was actually Kasatkin’s own kidney – he had a major infection.

Prodromal dreams
•prodromal means: a symptom indicating the onset or attack of disease •idea began with ancient Greeks (humors)
•Hippocrates: dreams can reflect disease, humeral imbalance, or physical conditions like overeating

-“prodromic dreams” named by M. Macario in middle of the 1800’s – dreams that predict onset of illness (still used today) -Much work done documenting prodromal dreams – cancer and cardiac patients. (heart disease) •Much work has been done documenting prodromal dreams and cancer and cardiac patients

Prodromal Dreams

•Daniel Schneider: 1976
•psychoanalyst and neurologist
•suggested body cells send chemical messages (“bioplasma”) to paraconscious mind as a warning system of our health. •Example: man hearing machine gun fire waked to a heart attack (gunfire on-coming rapid heartbeats) -perhaps dominoes and vomiting? (Overwhelming activity and nausea)

Body-Brain Communication and our awareness:

•Prodromal Heart Dreams -
•People with heart problems understandably can be sensitive to heart-related issues

Often very attuned to the workings and state of their own heart. Some tend to project heart-related content during their waking life.

•inkblot tests with student nurses

•Prodromal Heart Dreams
•Student nurses who have cardiac symptoms (skipped heart beats, chest pain) were studied: They were shown to fall into 2...
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