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By | March 2013
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Jhunnel Barcenas
IV-St. Anthony

CFP: Reflection
February 3, 2013
Luke 4: 21-30

Love is what we bring with us at the end of life. ‘We will be judged in the evening of life by love. We should love everyone without doubt. There are different calls to Christian love – near and dear daily love, friendship, marriage, relationships. The wider world like in our job where we live in a loving way, in justice with all, not using others for personal gain; the wider world where a universal love makes me want to make a difference in the bigger world. Love carries us into wide seas and waters. It involves us with everyone. It obviously doesn’t mean we relate to everyone – nor that we even like everyone. Love is when others’ lives become at least as important as our own; and in the deepest loves like marriage, friendship often and family, others’ lives become even more important.

CFP: Reflection
February 10, 2013
Luke 5:1-11

The Gospel tells how Peter worked all night and achieved nothing, but then, at the Lord’s command, caught a great haul of fish. Peter kneels before Jesus and says “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man”. The real miracle in this story is not the catch of fish, but the encounter between Peter and Jesus in this moment when Peter recognizes his unworthiness to be called by Jesus. All of us are unworthy of God’s call, but we continue to convince ourselves that we have something to offer God that God needs and couldn’t manage without. We must recognize that God calls us and loves us despite our complete unworthiness. We need to place ourselves before God in a similar state as Peter did. Only then will we be able to put out into the deep water and achieve remarkable things with the Lord.

Jerome Pena
IV-St. Anthony

CFP: Reflection
February 3, 2013

The gospel's integrity is at stake when Church meets world. The same inclusiveness and care for outcasts that persists within the holy community characterizes that community's life in the world...

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