Topics: Africa, Poverty, Madagascar Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Dreams ‘Dream as high as the sky, so that when you fail, you atleast reach the ceiling’. One may ask, what is the point of dreaming then? Is it worthwhile?One of the greatest countries of our times in terms of economy and innovations, The United States of America, was built on dreams. The Civil Rights movement in 1960s was built on dreams of a few individuals such as Martin Luther King II who dared to dream things differently. Dare i talk about the invention of gadgets such as the cell phone or computer which changed life as we know it, and they were all from a dream!Therefore it is paramount as well that i dream of a tomorrow that i want as a first step to the future. I am grateful too my father who had a dream for his girl child to go to school, despite the objection to such an act in many African societies. Still many girls in my homeland, Africa are objected to a dire, bleak future. Their greatest dream is only to get married as soon as they finish their puberty years, and high school. Our society has taken it upon itself to reinforce the mindset that in the rural girl, or poor urban girl, there does not exist a president, or or an economist or an Astronaut. My hope and dream is to become an orator, and an example (by the grace of God) to every African girl that their worth is not limited only to their looks. I dream to make it clear to every girl child that the Creator put a brain and abilities that they are supposed to use not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of all mankind. I dream that by so doing, the teenage girls would aspire to reach the highest education possible and thereby reduce the rates of teenage pregnancies, high child mortality rates and even reduce cases of teenage HIV-AIDS in Africa. All the great industrial countries have reached sound economies owing to the visions and leadership of sound, non corrupt leaders. The various Ministers’ and Members of Parliament give an account of every cent they spend. Now if the mechanisms in...
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