Dreaming a World without Poverty

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Dreaming a World without Poverty
Riddhi Bose
Phone no- 09830071654
University-Christ University
Bangalore, Karnataka-560 029

Poverty is the lack of income and productive resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods. It also include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making. The World Social Summit identified poverty eradication as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative of mankind and called on governments to address the root causes of poverty, provide for basic needs for all and ensure that the poor have access to productive resources, including credit, education and training. Recognizing insufficient progress in the poverty reduction, the 24th special session of the General Assembly devoted to the review of the Copenhagen commitments, decided to set up targets to reduce the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by one half by 2015. Poverty is eminent in all the countries of the world. For example In 2010, World Bank states, 32.7% of the total Indian people falls below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day (PPP) while 68.7% live on less than US$ 2 per day. According to 2010 data from the United Nations Development Programme, an estimated 37.2% of Indians live below the country's national poverty line. .

Poverty is of three types:
1) Extreme (or absolute poverty).
2) Moderate poverty
3) Relative poverty

In India, the rapid growth of agriculture is very important to achieve food grain security 9as also for household food security and to bring about equity in the distribution of income and wealth which will lead to automatic decline in poverty.

Jeffrey Sachs in his book “The End of Poverty” has raised a simple question as to why Countries Fail To Achieve Economic Growth. The answer to that is poverty is...
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