Dreaming of the Past: a Glimpse Into Greece, Rome, and the Year 1000

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Dreaming of the Past: a Glimpse Into Greece, Rome, and the Year 1000

By | November 2007
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Dreaming of the Past: A Glimpse into Greece, Rome, and the Year 1000 As a student of Florida Institute of Technology, I am often under an immense level of stress. F.I.T. is not the normal, everyday college, especially considering I am a student-athlete. A normal day for me begins at 6:00 a.m. with a mile run and an hour workout in Clemente gym. I hurry and shower. Then, I have three to four classes before a four hour softball practice or a double header softball game. When I get home it is dark outside. No time for relaxation. It is usually bedtime after I finish preparing for the next day. I do not even get breaks during the weekend. I either have school or softball. As the semester progresses my stress level increases. Not only do I have to worry about normal practices and tests, but I have presentations to do, papers to write, and exams to worry with. In fact, I have an exam tomorrow in my Western Civilizations class. As you can see, I do not normally get enough sleep. It seems as though I do a lot of dreaming. My dreams often include what I think about before I go to sleep, and some occasional off-the-wall dreams. Tonight, as I review my notes on Greece, Rome, and the year 1000, I can only imagine what my R.E.M. sleep will bring. Indeed, as I drift off to sleep I find myself in ancient Greece, the land of music and dance (Cahill 87). I am a woman of twenty-three years of age. I have been married since the age of fourteen and have two children with a man I did not want to marry, but have grown to care for him. My family and I, as well as most ancient Greeks, live in a house that is made of mostly stone (Pomeroy 6). Unlike some people, we are fortunate enough not to live in a house made of clay. Some houses are one story while others are two (Johnson 24). My home, in particular, is two stories high. Our roof is made with tile, although some others are made of leaves and mud (Dinsmoor 6). My husband and I spend a lot of times in...

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