Topics: Sleep, Dream, Rapid eye movement sleep Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: February 27, 2013
When’s the last time you dreamed? In fact, the last time sleep occurred is the correct answer. Most people believe that they don’t dream, only because these individuals can’t recall dreaming as an event. In J. Allan Hobson’s book, Dreaming, it explores how dreaming is influenced and how it affects the individual, how dreaming is associated with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and the importance of it, and also why sleep is so essential for human beings and other mammals to experience. Sleep is correlated with dreaming, making dreaming a phenomenon essential to living.

Dreaming is an interesting subject, and may also seem interesting while happening; though many don’t remember the events within them. What is dreaming, someone might ask? Dreaming is basically the brain’s activation throughout the sleep cycle. This was not discovered from looking at the content of the dream, like many of us look forward to, such as the images and scenarios our mind creates; but rather a more formalistic approach on the study of dreams. By using more scientific methods to analyze and define the dreaming state, research has improved drastically over several years, however, it failed to become an actual science. “My consciousness is as clear as a bell. In fact, I see--and feel--everything in this dream with a surreal intensity...” (Hobson 25.) In this quote given by the author, he was describing how he had felt during the dream he shared within the text. People who are interested in the content of dreams should read this book, as Hobson gives away a few logs in his own dreaming journal. Hobson mentioned how he had felt as if imagining the dream were actually happening because it seemed so vividly clear. In fact, so clear it seemed like reality. His dream was about a red car smashing into a wall, and then finding himself with his son’s bloodied knees and all in a locker room. He associated this vision with his son previously being in a car accident, where indeed the car...
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