Dream of the Red Chamber

Topics: Ming Dynasty, China, Confucianism Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 14, 2013
“The dream of the red chamber” wrote by Coa Zhan examines upper-class Manchu society in the 1700s. coa zhan offers a first-hand account in to the world of Chinese culture with his writing of his experience with the Chinese matriarch and her son. Informing us that the chines look upon the women influences to guide and help make important choices. Also I can infer from reading the text from the novel that the Chinese didn’t copy the agricultural seams of the plant growing and garden up keep of the Europeans. Also they didn’t use the European ways of architecture that was copied my many countries. “Leave the final composition of the text to our illustrious visitor herself to decide at the happy hour of her arrival”, reading this I learned that women were a large influence and could do the many things and play the rolls side my side with men. Also I learned that the chines came up with their styles of gardening and architecture of a western feel other than the typical eastern styles of European foundations. I infer this by reading “the balustrades and steps of the marble bridge which led to the entrance were adorned with artistically wrought ornaments in the western style”. This is stickly one man’s opinion so you my have a different perspective on it.

Mateo Ricci’s writings “the journals of matteo ricci” ,wrote in 1615 gave the reader a great insight on how the Chinese functioned as a country. Informing the reader on means travels, how the chines grow crops, what crops they grow, how they are advanced in using the printing press and how they used salt peter as an explosive for fireworks. The chines were able to travel and trade by water, the passage said they had just as many or if not more people on the water on boats that there were on land. Also the Chinese were every skilled in the use of the printing press, being the culture who invented it. Matteo seemed infatuated with tea describing everything it is used fore and how they grow and make it. The...
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