Dream of Dreams

Topics: Thing, English-language films, Horror film Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Joshua Jireh Alcala Vasquez

It was early dawn. The sun was still in slumber. The cold mist of the early ‘Ber’ months added to the excitement. I woke up with all my bags packed up and my food sealed. I knew something memorable was going to happen. Although a part of me kept saying that I wouldn’t and should not enjoy, I still drove the pessimistic side of me away. Without a doubt, the fieldtrip was a go. No backing up.

As I arrived just in time at the meeting place, which by the way is a cemetery, everyone was already there. My fellow students were already there, with their stuffed bags and with headsets covering their ears. The teachers were all ready and were busy coordinating with whoever they should be talking to. Minutes after the wait and as Mr Sun began to show itself, we were already instructed to go up and seal seats in our respective buses. It was then when I saw a short and perky girl who happened to be our tour guide for the trip. To cut the long story short, a lot of things happened within the 14 hour event. Since a lot of descriptions wouldn’t be mentioned here, I’d rather give you the highlights of my experience. First on the list was the knowledge that our batch was blessed enough to be a part of the fieldtrip since fieldtrips happen not so often in our school. We were given the opportunity to enjoy at least a day out of school and see places that one normally cannot see and be at. Although some of them gave us a Déjà vu, such as the water factory which has been consistent in accommodating us since last year. Another thing that marked a spot in my memory was the Tour Guide’s instruction to us that we call our bus driver ‘Coach Captain’ which is a much preferred term. It was kind of funny yet it was one thing that I learned. It was just like saying that one is mentally ill instead of crazy. To tell you honestly, the tour guide wasn’t really that bad or boring as I was expecting. She managed to catch my attention despite...
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