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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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William Bowman

Writing Home Work

My Dream Job

My dream job is to become a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer. I had

wanted to be an engineer from an early age when my father was working as General Manager at the Ford Dealer, where I was exposed to the repairs being conducted in the workshop by the technicians. There I developed a keen interest of how things work. I would always stay by the watchman or by the machine shop talking to them and sometimes even watching a good game of dominoes. Sometimes they would let me drive the forklifts with them next to me and let me try out the mini bikes.

I would sometimes watch the engineers fix wheel hubs, fuel injection systems, shocks and many more. My dad would fix our tractors, motorcycles, four wheelers and pocket bikes and I would help him. I learnt how to fix a carburetor and fuel systems, and how to hotwire a motor bike engine.

I also want to major in the electrician field because I have a great interest in fuses and circuits. When I was in primary school, my eight grade teacher gave us a project dealing with circuits, I designed and made one and got a 100% for it. I also took some old Christmas lights as I wanted neon lights on my go-kart so I installed them on to the cart and connected it to the alternator on the engine. On Christmas day I was the only one in Belize with flashing Christmas lights on a go-kart. Wasn’t that cool!
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