Dream Interpretation with Heterosexual Dating Couples

Topics: Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Sigmund Freud Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: September 23, 2008
Dream Interpretation With Heterosexual Dating Couples
Dream Interpretation is the analysis of the elements within a patient’s reported dream formed a large part of Freud’s psychoanalytic method. Freud believed material often surfaced in dreams, although in a symbolic form. The manifest content of the dream of the dream was the actual dreams and its events, but the latent content was the hidden ,symbolic meaning of those events that would ,if correctly interpreted, reveal the unconscious conflicts that were creating the nervous disorder.

The Hill model of dream interpretation reflects on what we know about dreams. How they are formed and how they can be formed to gain greater self-understanding. This model involves three stages. In the first stage, you will explore your dream in detail, paying attention to the thoughts and feelings, images, and memories that you have with various other elements in your dream.

In the second stage, you will use what you have learned about yourself and your waking life to gain insight into the dream. To discover what the dream means to you. This also goes for your partner. In the final stage, you will explore many things for acting on what you have learned about yourself and your partner through the interpretation of your dream.

You can use this information about yourself to solve life problems and how to make them better for you and your partner , so later on when you get married there’s a lesser chance of divorce. This can even help you change behaviors. A single dream has different meanings for other people, therefore the interpretation of adream should come from the person who had the dream. Because only he or she can tell what the true meaning is behind the dream. There are also limitations to the study. One limitation is that the current study is not been able to asses separate aspects of relationships well-being because they were highly correlated. The implications are the results of the dream interpretation can be...
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