Dream Interpretation

Topics: English-language films, Psychology, Concealment Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Dream Interpretation
This dream as we may call it one stage dream revolves itself on two main ideas which are theft and concealment. At first glance, we may realize that the dream doesn’t give us the necessary clues that could lead us to determine the gender of the dreamer. Thus we are forced to produce a much wider interpretation of his/her dream. The dream starts off with a high a note “I stole something of great value”. A person usually steals when he/she is deprived or in need of this particular something and unable to attain it by no others means. The dreamer indicates that he/she has stole nothing more than an insignificant scrap of black lace, but the dictionary of symbols tells us a different story. A lace in a dream symbolizes sensuality. By making the assumption that lace is a parallel symbol to rope we are allowed to go even deeper in our interpretation. Rope represents an attachment to others as well as a bond that holds a relationship together. Now fitting the pieces together, we deduce that the dreamer is in need of an intimate or even sexual relationship and is on a lookout for it. To satisfy his/her desire the dreamer ruptures and steals someone else’s relationship. In the next part of the dream the presence of an authority figure, the policewoman, and the struggle of concealing something from that figure are two ways to interpret guilt. Guilt suggests that the dreamer might take a second look at his/her actions or motivations. The dreamer must decide what further actions he/she will take: taking the relationship to next level or putting an end to it. As we read further the dreamer hides the scrap of black lace in the box of sugar cubes. First of all, a box carries many different meanings, but the one that we are particularly interested in is limitation. Second of all, sugar in the dream symbolizes pleasure and enjoyment. By taking these meanings together we may say that dreamer’s relationship is limited to pleasure only. The last phrase of the...
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