Dream Fearlessly

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Dream Fearlessly
It was one of those days in the month of April when I started applying for college. I was looking through the admission paper I was handling and was troubled when I saw the word “course”. I had been unsettled with my course choice since then. I sat on a chair, still holding the paper I was about to answer and started to recall all I had dreamed becoming of. At the age of five, I wanted to be a teacher. At eight, I wanted to be an astronaut. At twelve I dreamed of becoming a chemist. At fifteen, I was confused of what I really wanted to be in the future. As I grow old, I realized that dreaming is getting harder because things are becoming more real. When I was a kid and asked what I wanted to become, I’ve always answered, “I want to be a teacher.” Then I saw the hardships my teachers were experiencing because of their naughty and hard-headed students so I changed my mind. At eight, I had an interest in one of our Science topic which is the universe. I had fantasies of myself getting in the galaxy, traveling in the universe and examining the heavenly bodies wearing that oh-so-thick-and-heavy outfit of the astronauts with the oxygen at their back. Then I realized that this dream was impossible because I hadn’t known any Filipina who became an astronaut. Also, that was so impractical and surely my parents would freak out once they knew this fantasy of mine. So I dropped that ambition and found myself inside a laboratory wearing lab gown, gloves, and glasses while holding test tubes filled with chemicals. I was twelve when I started to hold on to this dream. I was a freshman back then and we usually went to laboratories to do some experiments. Maybe that was one factor that made me think that I could be one of those successful chemists in the Philippines. I became a sophomore and still hadn’t changed my mind. It was until I became a junior student that my dream slowly faded away because of my Chemistry subject. I had a hard time studying invisible...
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