Dream: Electrical Engineering and Hard Work

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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My Dream
Some people may say that dreams are hard to follow and it's impossible to be able to achieve them. But, that's actually not true. The fact is that dreams are the most amazing things in life; we all love to dream, love to hope and love to see our dreams come true. Our dreams are in our hands. We are the ones who control them; we are the ones who can make them either come true or not. In the article “A Vision of Stars, Grounded in the Dust of Rural Indian,” Somini Sengupta talks about Anupam Kumar, an Indian boy who lives and grows up in a poor family but has a big dream. He wants to works at NASA. In the article, the author describes the road to fulfill his dream as well as the difficulties he met such as poverty, difficulty gaining acceptance to go to college, the intensity of competition, and his failure on the first exam. However, Anupam never gives up on his dream and finally achieves his dream with his own determination and hard work as well as support from his parents and his teacher. Like Anupam, I also have my own dreams. My dream is to become a computer engineer because I love technology and I believe that in the future, computers will become indispensable to human life. I will definitely reach my dream because of the support from my mother, my determination and my passion for computers. I will reach my goal thanks to the support from my mother. When I was a child, I was introverted. I hardly left the house and often spent my time in boredom, I did not have a goal and I also did not know what kind of person I would be in the future. Despite all of this, my mother is a person who changed me and helped me determine a goal of my life. My mother is the first person who realized my passion for computers. Whenever we went to my uncle’s house, I always asked him to teach me how to use his computer. At the time, I did not realize that I loved to study computers so much. I thought it was just because of my curiosity, but my mother did not. She saw...
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