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Dream Defferd

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  • November 2012
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Langston Huges
“Harlem: A Dream Deferred
Having to postpone one’s deepest desires can lead to destruction of ones self .Is what happens when a dream is deferred. A “dream” is a goal in life, not just dreams experienced during sleep. Dreams are life goals. The question, “What happens to a dream deferred?,” He refers to several possible scenarios all with negative effects. Any important dream or goal that must be delayed can result in a negative effects, The first question“Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun”: if its left to long it is no longer useful ,shows how a dream that is put off changes dramatically and will not turn out as the person originally intended. A raisin that .“fester like a sore— / And then run.” If you have a sore, and it festers and runs, that means it is infected and will take longer to heal. The dream that festers becomes infected which means the disease of restlessness and dissatisfaction that may lead to criminal activity, striking back at those who are deferring the dream.“Stink like rotter meat”If a dream is put off to long. If the dream is not realized in a timely fashion, it may seem to decay an will cause it dies.“Crust and sugar over— / Like a syrupy sweet?” If you leave it unused for several months, and you go back to fetch it, you might find that the contents are no longer usable. Lack of use had harden material that is no longer useful or pliable. The dream idle hardens into an unusable thoughts.“Just sags like trying to carry something heavy”. As you tries to move under the load. If the dream not realized as you tries to move the load may become heavy to bear, because it still weighs on one’s mind.” All these useless thoughts that weigh heavy on the mind musings like “what might have been,” “if only,” “I guess I’ll never know,” “the one that got away.” All these useless thoughts that has had to defer a dream. The last phrase “Does it explode”deferred dream are bad with some worse than others,if the last possibility is the...

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