Dream Catcher

Topics: High school, Secondary education, College Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Dream Catcher

“Don’t dare to dream on something if you wouldn’t do anything to make it true ..”
There was once a child who was born on the midnight of the sixth day of the ninth month, 1993, when all were sleeping abound with their sweet dreams and nightmares. According to his mother, he was so cute the first time she saw her baby. With his little eyes, pointed nose, and fair complexion, others might say he was born ‘with gold spoon’ on his mouth. They were wrong..

Actually, this boy came from not so fortunate family. His father didn’t had a chance to enter secondary education, while his mother was a college undergraduate. Despite those circumstances, they loved and raised this little boy with all they have. They took good care of this child. In return, this boy never failed to give happiness in the family, especially in his loving parents. With his version of ‘bintana’ as ‘dungaw’ and ‘hagdanan’ as ‘hulog’ when he was four years old, he always give them a loud laughs after a big smile on his innocence on that things. In this boy’s perspective, all set before him have no problem. Until one day, everything was changed...

To make the story short, his parents were always in a situation where in they ended with a mess. They always fighting on nonsense matters, and shouting at each other. He was six years old then when he remembered that his parents ended-up separated. His mother went to Taiwan to sustain the little boy’s life together with his little brother. Yes. He was given a brother before his parents got separated. So much for that, the two boys were left on their lola..

Back to the little boy, who was the main topic of this story, dreamed of a wonderful and peaceful life together with his loved ones. He was a grade 3 pupil then when his parents fixed their relationship for the sake of their two kids. He felt so happy that time. He never complained despite all his hardwork only to give his parents a pride to be proud of.

Due to his father’s...
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