Dream and Nightmares Essay

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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A dream is a vision or a series of picture of events we see while asleep. Almost all of us see dreams. Some people remember the strange visions They see in their sleep. Other forger as soon as they wake up some dreams Are pleasant. Some are fearful sometimes the members of a family or group See the same dream. In the past, people believed that dreams were sent by Allah as warning or advice. They believed in their dreams and tried to benefit Form them. Everyone could not understand the meaning or the message of His dreams. There were people who could interpret dreams. They were held In high esteem. Some people think that dreams are the result of physical Causes. Some dreams are of course, caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable Position, or eating a heavy dinner. But all dreams cannot be explained in This way. Some people say that dreams reproduce the events of the day Before. But psychologists have proved that dreams are seldom caused By the events of the day. They also rarely repeat exactly the events we Experience in walking. Sometimes, dreams express our wishes. A hungry Man will dream that he is a eating a wonderful meat, and a thirsty man Will dream of the sparking cool water. Some dreams are produced by Our repressed feelings and desires that cannot be fulfilled or expressed Because of the social and moral pressures and checks. So they take Refuge in the unconscious. We are asleep, and the grip of our Conscious mind is loose, there desires come out of the unconscious In the from of dreams. Dreams are mysterious things. In spite Of great advances in the field of psychology, we have not yet Fully understood the mystery of dream. However rationally we May interpret dreams, there is not doubt that some dreams, tell Of the coming events. Such dreams give either clear or indirect Warning of the future danger. When one of your dreams come true, you begin to look at the others more carefully. Anon...
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