Dream Analysis

Topics: Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, Shinya Aoki Pages: 7 (2067 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Dream Analysis

I am going to do my dream analysis paper using the quantitative methods outlined in Every Dream Interpreted, by Veronica Tonay and “The Hall/Van de Castle System of Quantitative Analysis,” available at dreamresearch.net. However, I will also be analyzing the data qualitatively, from a Freudian psychoanalytic perspective. Okay!

The client is a 35-year-old female, and after interpreting her dreams and analyzing the data, I found that her main wish is to be content with herself and to experience intimacy with another, while at the same time, she fears exposing her vulnerabilities. Good! You are right In Dream 2, a man she is with is driving her car over newly plowed fields. She gets angry at the man. According to Freud, the field might represent her fertility and sexuality. Perhaps her frustration at the man is actually displaced anger that she feels about not expressing herself openly enough in her intimate relationships in her waking life. Yep A farmer then begins to chase them and the car disappears. The farmer and owner of the property could represent a father figure for the dreamer, who also described him as “…compassionate and caring…. Wise. Patient. Genuine.” The father figure is someone she admires and seeks fulfillment from and may represent a wish she has now.

It is also interesting that there are significantly more males and characters who are strangers, rather then known, present in her dreams. As Chart 1 shows, 38% of the dreamer’s characters are male strangers compared to only 15% of characters of the average female dreamer (This may suggest an Oedipal complex, which will be discussed later). good

Dream 4 reflects her wish to be intimate with another. In the dream, a man carries a women’s cello, while protecting it from rain, into a house. The man carrying the cello could, again, represent a father figure. In any case, he is being caring. Similarly, character A, who is a familiar male and an object of sexual desire for the dreamer, says to her in conversation, “he could’ve said the nicer parts but not the bad part, and this is out of caring for me.” Like the man caring for the women’s cello, A. is caring for the dreamer, but being taken care of is not enough. This is reflected through her apprehension that they would not have enough time to talk and symbolized through the constraining environments, such as being at A.’s work and home. She wishes to express her needs and desires with another and establish intimacy. Much clearer now

Dreams 7, 8, and 9 all occurred on the same night and also demonstrate her fears and desires surrounding her wish for intimacy and to connect with others. In dream 7, she and a man stand on top of a smaller building, looking up at two tall towers. The tower is a phallic symbol, and there are two of them, which may represent the sexual or intimate relationship between two people. good There is a man jumping dangerously between the two towers, possibly representing the risks involved with sharing yourself with another. The dreamer fears letting someone get to know her and thus tells the man she is with that she is scared. yes

In the next dream, she is working through her fears of exposing herself in intimate relationships. Again, in dream 8, a man is going between two towers, but this time it is more like a game – not so scary. The man finds magical eggs, which are Freudian symbols of fertility and sexuality. The dreamer is “delighted” when a women hatches from one of the eggs, which had been hidden. The hidden egg and women represent parts of herself that she worries are unattractive or strange to others--this could be either personality characteristics, her sexuality, femininity, appearance and any aspect of herself. But the dreamer is working through these issues and states, “I wonder if I should tell her I love her—I’m not sure I really do—she has green skin and a half-shaved, bleached head….” She is not sure that she...
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