Dream Act

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Are we unfairly penalizing children of illegal immigrants, who had no say when

they were brought to this country? Should Americans have to pay for illegal immigrants

to become citizens? Dream Act stands for California Development, Relief and Education

for Alien Minors. The Dream Act would allow a specific group of illegal immigrants to

obtain state grants, community college waive fees, and legal permanent citizenship. To be

eligible for the Dream Act you have to have arrived in the United States under the age of

16; be under the age of 30 on the day of enactment; have lived in the U.S. for at least 5

years; graduate from a U.S. highschool or has obtained GED in U.S.; and served in the

military or attended college for at least 2 years. (NASFAA) I don’t think anyone should

be forced to pay for something or someone they are not going to benefit from.

One of the reasons I am against the Dream Act is that I think it would promote

illegal immigration. If the Dream Act is put into place, would-be illegal immigrants

would have more of a drive to get over the border. They now know that they can bring all

their children illegally into the U.S. and they could one day become citizens. Also, the

state will be giving funds to illegal residents that would otherwise be available to legal


My opponents would argue that the state has already set aside funds for the Dream

Act. Since there are funds set aside, it wouldn’t be taking away money from legal


I would have to disagree that the state isn’t taking money from legal residents just

by setting aside funds. Even if they did have funds set aside, the funds would eventually

deplete and they would have to take from legal residents anyways. Where did the funds to

set aside come from in the first place? Tax payers.

A second reason I disagree with the Dream Act is that it acts like a draft for illegal

immigrants. Jorge Mariscal, a UC San Diego professor of Latino studies and a Vietnam

War veteran, said illegal immigrants may be forced into military service by the Dream

Act because they may not be able to afford college tuition.(Sifuentes) About one third of

young Latino women and about 45 percent of Latino men reported they were “likely” or

“very likely” to serve. That compares with 24 percent of white men and 10 percent of

white women, according to a survey by the Rand Corp. organization.(Sifuentes)

My opponents would say that the bill gives individuals a choice. Federico de Jesus,

spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of the bill’s main advocates, said

“The bill recognizes that while some young people choose to attend college, others decide

to serve in the military. The bill reflects these life decisions and provides young people an

opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

I understand that some people would automatically rather enlist in the military than

go to college, but allowing them to join the military to become citizens is creating a

loophole for illegal immigrants who do not want to pay for a higher education.

Another reason I am against the Dream Act is because I believe the Dream Act would be giving special treatment to illegal immigrants. The Dream Act acts as an

amnesty for people who broken the law. There are plenty of legal immigrants who had to

go through a seemingly endless process and par for legal fees, while illegal immigrants

get it for almost free. Illegal aliens would receive a taxpayer subsidy worth tens of

thousands of dollars, while U.S. citizens from out of state must pay three to four times as

much to attend college.

Why should illegal immigrants be given the same benefits as legal immigrants?

Why should non-taxpayers be given the same benefits as taxpayers? They shouldn’t. The

Dream Act is full of flaws and is fundamentally...
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