Drawing Inferences from the Pearl

Topics: Thing, Logic, John Steinbeck Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Drawing inferences from The Pearl.

1. Juana does not consult Kino about getting the doctor when the baby is stung. Yet Juana is a dutiful, submissive woman to Kino in all things: why not in this situation?

“The doctor would not come, Kino said to Juana. She looked up at him, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a lioness. This was Juana’s first baby—this was nearly everything there was in Juana’s world. And Kino saw her determination and the music of the family sounded in his head with a steely tone. Then we will go to him, Juana said” (Pg. 7)

* Cold eyes of a lioness represent the desperation, and determination she has to save her first-born son. * Juana’s world—is symbolic of what she does as a wife, and a mother. * Steely tone—meaning bright, and full of strength

* Looking up at him—meaning in society that she was below him, as she was a woman and he was a man. * Not consulting Kino on the decision—the woman’s role in society is to take care of the children. So when the baby was stung, she immediately asked for the doctor because the child was her responsibility. * “Nearly everything” in Juana’s world—meaning Coyotito was not the only thing she cares for, and about.

Kino is the man of the house and it is his responsibility, as a man, to provide for his family. But Juana is a woman, and her responsibility, as a woman, is to take care of Coyotito, and her husband Kino. When the baby is stung, it is her first instinct as a mother to help her child. “ Juana had the baby in her arms now. She found the puncture with redness starting from it already. She put her lips down over the puncture and sucked hard and spat and sucked again while Coyotito screamed.” (Pg. 6) Juana is not submissive, and dutiful to Kino in this situation because it is her place to care, and see that her baby is safe at all times, and this is why she does not turn to Kino on the matter.

1. Kino has found the “Pearl of the World,” and the baby has...
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