Drawframe Machine

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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The draw frame in a textile mill is unavoidable in yarn spinning as fibers need to be kept side by side termed as parallelization of fibers in textile technology. This is done as we see that most of the fibers at carding stage are so fast that there is little or no fiber parallelization. Even though modern carding machines have using the auto leveler still there can be some unevenness along the slivers. These two issues will affect the quality of the yarn. The draw frame machine is the last machine which can improve the yarn quality in the yarn manufacturing process. The tasks drafting and doubling are the objectives of the draw frame machine in order to improve the fiber orientation and sliver uniformity respectively. Removal of hooks and dust also can be carried out by the machine, at a significant amount.

To study the material path, objectives and drafting system of the draw frame machine.

* Study the important parts and their function of the machine * Observed and draw the material path
* Roller drafting system was observed
* Compare the differences between modern and conventional machine

Draw frame material path (picture)

Tasks of the draw frame
* One of the main tasks of the draw frame is improving the evenness over short, medium and especially, long terms. Card slivers fed to the draw frame have a degree of unevenness that can not be tolerated in practice. Doubling is the process of combining two or more slivers usually from carding engine to deliver a single sliver. In the draw frame 6-8 slivers are combined to give one sliver. During the doubling process it is expected that the non-uniformity is in the card sliver will be even-out and a uniform sliver will emerge. * Drafting is a process where the weight per unit length of the input sliver is reduced. During the drafting process, fiber parallelization also takes place. The drafting and doubling processes are achieved by passing the...
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