Drawbacks of Traditional Management System

Topics: Information theory, Information, Channel capacity Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: June 23, 2011
Drawbacks of traditional information management system
o Not user friendly
Traditional information system is not so user friendly. While any user will use it they will face many difficulties, like problem in finding students name in a student register. Most of the organizations are used to follow this type of information system. If any user wants to add up any thing he or she might make any mistake in it. Traditional information management system is a non user friendly system compare to new computerized information system. o Time consuming procedure

Traditional information management system is really a very time consuming procedure because a user take a long time to entry a data in a usual book or register, but in a computerized information system they can do it very easily & simply. This time consuming procedure makes a hamper to an organizations information system and make an obstacle to share information with every one in an organization. o Labor intensive

In business labor intensive is a process on an industry that requires large amounts of human effort to produce goods. Such as in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, etc), they are considered to be very people oriented. but in traditional information system it means a large number of people give their labor for a simple work which can be done with in a very shot time & with less labor through a computer information system procedure . o Data redundancy

Data Redundancy in information theory is the number of bits used to transmit a message minus the number of bits of actual information in the message. Data compression is a way to eliminate unwanted idleness, while checksums are a way of adding desired redundancy for purposes of error correction when communicating over a noisy channel of limited capability. In traditional system it could be happen that specific information about a specific person can be overlapped or can be misinterpreted because of having same first...
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