Draw Entity Relationship Diagram (Erd)

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Draw ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM (ERD) for the following requirement: 1. Students take courses in a college

2. Customers have accounts in a bank

3. People own vehicles

4. Employees manage projects

5. Machines are made up of parts

6. A college offers several courses. Attributes of the course include course code, name and credits. Each course may have zero or more subjects

7. Hotel (HotelNo, Name, Add, TelNo)
Room (RoomNo, HotelNo, Type, Price)
Booking (HotelNo, GuestName, RoomNo, StartDate, LeaveDate)
Guest (GuestName, Address)

8. An Artist has information details about name, address and telephone number. Every artist can have many albums, which identified by album_id. The album consists information about title and release date and can be produced in tape and VCD. A tape has number of song, while a VCD has number of track. One album can have more than one artist and composer. Composer is identified by composer id and has composer name. every artist must have a contract with one recording company only. Contract id is used to identify all contracts.

9. New Straits Time Press is a company that hires many reporters to write articles for their publications such as newspaper and magazine. Each reporter must submit at least one or more articles. Each article will be inserting in one and only one publication. Article that appears in either publication will not be repeated in other publication.

10. Hospital Information System consists of the following entities:

Medical Record

11. A library has members.
* A member can borrow many books.
* Each book has a record.
* Each member has their own member record.
* Book record handled by counter clerk.
* A member consists of name, member_id, and tel_number.
* A book consists of book_id, title, publisher and author. * Book record consists of book_id and...
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