Draper's Manufacturing

Topics: Minority group, United States, Minority Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Ralph Draper was the new CEO of Draper Manufacturing to take over responsibility from his ailing father. Ralph had set up a meeting with the company’s top managers to discuss the racial tensions within the company asked Ted Hanrahan, a diversity consultant, to help him with the problem. The Sales Manager confronted the Shipping Manager who was the only African American manager in the company and told him how his department needed to be more efficient he also made a comment which was pointed towards the African American employees within the shipping department. Also the prices of petroleum being so high the company could not afford to be behind in competition and also the racial tension is hurting the company. The company has a very diverse but polarized workforce.

The ethical dilemma in this article is that the company managers have a lot of racial tension which is hurting the company. The company has a very diverse workforce but the minority group are not talking to each other and staying within their own group. Since there is not a lot of communication some of the tasks are not being down very efficiently.

If I was the CEO of Draper Manufacturing I would have a company get together to break the ice between the employee’s. This way the employees would be able to talk to each other see that there isn’t any difference between the groups. Even though it would cost me some money the benefit would be that since the communication would get better which would in the long run help the company run smoother. If Draper Manufacturing was to have a Cultural Audit it would help the company. As stated in the book a Cultural Audit is a tool the helps a company identify problems and areas needing improvement in a corporation’s culture. It would help the company understand the communication barriers and also see how the relationship between the managers and employees. The company could ask a lot of questions for example do you think your position in the company as of now is...
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