Dramatization Approach and How it is Reflected in the New Testament

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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mother church model of church growth

Dramatization Approach and How it is Reflected in the New Testament

Herbert Fletcher University

MCAL-614 Ib: Church Growth and Church Planting

Ian Williams

Sherwin White

The dramatization and object lesson witnessing approach was extremely dominant in the Old Testament. This witnessing approach that was present in the ministry of Hosea, Jeremiah, Elisha and especially Ezekiel the priest-prophet did not vanish with the passing of the Old Testament era.

According to Braudis (2012) Object lessons use something familiar and known to introduce something less familiar or unknown or to further reinforce something that is already familiar. Using simple illustrations and object lessons will increase people understanding of Bible truths better than a factual word explanation would.

In the New Testament dispensation, the dramatization and Object lesson witnessing approach is demonstrated through the use of parables and allegories. It has been said that a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Blank, ( 2001) states, parable is derived from the Greek word pronounced parabole, meaning a likeness or comparison. A parable is a method of teaching using a comparison between two things.

Parables were a heavily utilized form of teaching and instruction in the Jewish economy. In His ministry, Jesus commonly employed the use of parables to illustrate and illuminate profound truths. SDA Commentary 1980, points out, the parables of our Lord were usually based on common experiences of everyday life familiar to His hearers, and often on specific incidents that had recently occurred. On parable on a recently occurred incident was that of the Good Samaritan. (White, n.d.) says, this was no imaginary scene, but an actual occurrence, which was known to be exactly as represented.

SDA Commentary, (1980) indicates that in using parables Jesus; (1) aroused interest,...
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