Dramatic Entrance Examples of Introductions

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Family law Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Dramatic entrance:
Last year, the youngest child of the family suddenly fell down while playing with his computer games. The family panicked and didn’t know what to do. When the family noticed that he’s not getting any better, they decided to take him to a specialized doctor to check him. As soon as they entered the doctor’s room, the doctor knew that what he’s having is the result of computer games. The child had a serious disease in his nervous system that the doctor didn’t know how to treat. Therefore, to avoid having any of the computer negative effects, follow these steps.

Computer games have been played lately by children and adults very frequently. Playing computer games is very beneficial and it increases the knowledge of the player. Children get the courage to face any difficult tasks without being afraid. From playing computer games, the child will get to experience the sense of wining and will be able to live with failure without getting upset. Playing computer games can be beneficial, but mostly they aren’t. Failing classes, lack of family time, and lack of sleep are the negative effects of playing computer games.


A lot of people spend their free time on computers. They try different types of computer games from internet games to downloaded games. In addition, they believe that these games are great inventions that brought several advantages to their lives. They argue that playing computer games sounds as a fun thing to do. However, playing those games brings out more bad than good. Therefore, you shouldn’t play computer games for the negative effects they cause such as health problems, waste of time and social problems. Dramatic:

The neighbors’ kids are always in trouble. They are in their first year in school, but they act as if they are teenagers. Moreover, the time they spend in school is filled with fights. The fight they had yesterday has injured most of the children in their class....
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