Drama: the Pitch

Topics: Drama, BEA Systems, Second Sino-Japanese War Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The China Incident

As a contemporary Australian Drama, The China Incident, directed by Daniel Evans and performed at The Cremorne Theatre on the 13th of February, 2013, replicates modern day realities in a humorous demeanour. The play, driven by success, fear and family, explores modern day issues in which it is told that success is deemed to be important in society, and a person is either successful with their family or in their career. The China Incident successfully communicates these themes, thus creating a contemporary Australian Drama. Through the effective use of the elements of drama, symbols, roles and tension, the Australian audience can easily identify with the play’s dramatic meaning, the fear of not being successful.

As the stage did not have a large amount of props, symbols were profoundly utilised to apply a greater meaning than the literal suggestion in the play (Cash, 2011). The alcohol in which Bea turned to after a disagreement or stressful moment, such as finding out her son has been taken to jail for drug trafficking, helped her to mentally blank out the chaotic problems and complications in which were self-inflicted. Bea tried to run away from her problems and hide her fears of not being successful by drinking and smoking. In reality though, the problems stay and Bea had to try and cope with the problem’s that she caused. She hid her cigarettes in a secret component in a wall and stashed her bottles of alcohol underneath the floor boards. Bea was obviously trying to secretively make people believe that she had everything under control, but in fact she was on the verge of breaking down and held a fear in her mind that she would lose her job, this caused her mental breakdown by the end of the play. Another symbol which is mainly used throughout the play is the phones. They symbolise different personalities and relationships throughout the play as Bea, is more open with some phones over others (career related).The small white phone is...
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