Drama the Dolls House

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Drama the Dolls House

By | March 2012
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The significance of the past in A Doll’s House.

The plot of A Doll’s House centres entirely on the relationships and connections that the four main characters, Nora, Torvald, Christine Linde and Krogstad have had with each other or their immediate families within the last generation. All have all been affected by the circumstances in which they have been forced to lead their lives, and as a result the reasons for their actions in the play as the storyline unfolds can be linked back to and perhaps in some cases explained by the past. As the inter-reactions between them all are very complex, this essay will deal with each of the characters separately in an attempt to put the missing jigsaw pieces in place and show how significant their historical roles are in relation to what happens.

Looking at Nora first, the protagonist of the play, initially she appears to behave like an uneducated child who does not have any idea of how the world outside of her own home operates. She seems to be completely happy and responds to Torvald’s teasing about her inability to control her spending with affection and brushes aside being in debt to strangers as being of no consequence. “Them? who cares about them? They’re strangers.” This remark shows a typically immature way of thinking about the needs of other people. A few lines earlier on in the same scene Nora, just as a child frightened that her disobedience will be discovered, hurriedly hides a bag of macaroons which Torvald has forbidden her to have, in her pocket. It seems that she thinks and acts like a child especially in the presence of Torvald. Later on in the first act though during a conversation with Christine Linde, Nora reveals that in the past she has been more than capable of understanding the ways of the world in which she lives when she tells Christine that in order to help her husband recover from a potentially fatal illness she has illegally arranged a loan from a third party, forging her father’s signature...

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