Drama-Non Naturalist

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maBy Harshil Kamlesh
Non- Naturalistic is when your performance is based on stuff that would not normally occur. For Example-Continuously changing your character mood : you would walk(Movement) in a bizarre(Weird) way, it can be a way of showing something is changing. Its used a lot in drama to show a persons state of mind. Non-Naturalism is about actors which plays a role that would not be in a real life. As in the real world non-naturalism would seem like they are mad and then treat you differently. Actor use Non-Naturalism in many of their acts/plays as it also makes the audience enjoy the moment on Non-Naturalism. Non-Naturalism is absolutely not real. It’s can include any type of aspect like comedy, love and many more. This means that the movements and the voice are changed into a weird way that can seem funny or serious. This can change anything not only the movement. At the very beginning we showed our homework and then were given the first task which was to create a represent a still image in a group of 3 to the class about Sarah Kane life scenes using the homework which was to find out about Sarah Kane life. It was dificult to choose what scenes we were going to choose beacause they had so much ideas. At the end we choose her death and acting in one of the plays. After we showed our performence we were given another task in the same groups that we must chose three number and emotions to use in our play. The Rehearsel was great and so was the play to the class.Then Ms.McGrath gave as a sheet about role-play but it didnt have any names like a normal role-play. So we all said something in the role-play.Then we were given the last task to create a play using the role-play as a resource. The Rehearsel were great however the real plays were not that good. We tried all sort of voices and movement however not in the play towards the class. I tried the Itilian acent which was only good in Rehearsel. We would just improve on our chracteristist ,facial expresion...
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