Drama Evaluation Example

Topics: Wicked Witch of the West, Performance, Audience Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Evaluation 1
On 12th of December we went to Stifford Clays Primary and performed our piece to 180 year 4’s and 5’s. When we got there we had to straight away bring in our set and therefore had to quickly work out our staging. We all agreed to have the boards on a slant so that we could get changed and await our queues without the children seeing us as if they did it would ruin the illusion. We did this and got changed into our costumes in 20 minutes which I thought was really good and professional. As a group the performance went really well, we all knew our queues and our lines and worked really well together, the costume changes were done in time and nobody came out of role, there for a bit of empty staging but I think this was due to the fact that we were in a new performance space and were not use to it. People were not coming off the right side and therefore ended up having to cross the back of the stage, but it was not obvious as it was in character. As an individual I think the performance was ok, the children booed as I came on as the teacher as they thought I was still the Wicked Witch, I think I did change each characters characterisation but the costume wasn’t different enough and I think they thought I was the Wicked Witch in disguise. Also when I did come on as the Wicked Witch they did not stop booing me, according to the video they booed me for a full minute. I was not expecting such a huge reaction and I just did what I thought my character would do and tell them to ‘be quite’ and ‘shut up’ I also did hand gesture of them talking, it was really tough to deal with as every time I went to talk they just started booing again. I then decided to stand there and wait for them to calm down which they eventually did. Although it was annoying I think the booing was a good sign as they believed in my character and really hated me as much as they were supposed to. As the teacher I think I did well in adopting a different role and I changed my voice and...
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