Drama Club

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Drama club
Drama is a very important art. Students in L’Amoureaux C.I high school has been acting for several years. They also have this wonder full club called drama club. Drama club is a club where student get to show their talent and have fun with their friends. They also get to work on new equment like Laptops, Microphones, and Speakers.

This club is very help full for the high school students a member from drama club said, because this club offer community hour for the students. This club also hosts some of their school events like Halloween. Drama club also raise money for L’Amoureaux C.I by hosting fun events. This club has their own leaders for different events, the leader’s direct students to do their work and manage their time. This drama club started a long time ago no one know when this club actually started. this club is hosted by a drama teacher named….. This club is looking for helpers ….. said, anyone from L’Amoureaux C.I high school can sign up. These students get to meet new people and they also help their community to be a safer place by doing recycling day, when all drama club helpers get together and help to take out trash around their school area like plastic bags, water bottles and pop cans.

Drama club has approximately 25 students and 5 leaders. These helpers help L’Amoureaux C.I and their community. I joined this club because I want to make new friends and I want to help my community tharshan said. He also said this club helps me to manage my time. Drama club is very important for some student who doesn’t have their community hour. Drama club is looking forward to let student join their club and they also want students to have a great time.
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