Drama and Dramatic Techniques

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Cosi essay rewrite

Lewis Nowras Cosi is full of dramatic techniques that have been cleverly integrated by the dramatist. The play incorporates several dramatic techniques including lighting, metatheter and setting that allows the play to show how Nowra has been successful in creating a play that incorporates so many dramatic techniques. It is clear that Nowra has incorporated many techniques that in turn allow for the reader to have a positive experience.

The dramatic techniques of the setting is perhaps the most important in the play there is only on setting throughout: an old burnt out theatre “lets hope it doesn’t rain” is used to show how damaged and in need of repair the roof of the complex is. This setting is vital as it provides the audience with a clear understanding of exactly what the theatre would have looked like as well as allowing the audience to gain important contextual knowledge to how institutions were run and maintained during the 1970s. Nowra places a large amount of emphasis on making sure that the audience can fully understand and appreciate the setting entirely allowing the audience to become engage throughout.

The concept of the technique metatheatre is clearly expressed by Nowra in Cosi. The use of metatheatre allows Nowra to show how themes from Cosi Fan Tutti such as women fidelity and the war are relevant in both texts. Both of these points were major issues during the 1970s but also mirror to the issues in the play. Without metatheatre the play would be very boring but with the use of metatheatre it allows the audience to be able to relate to some of issue discussed throughout the play. The dramatic technique of lighting is first mentioned at the beginning of the play when Nick and Julie stumble around in the dark attempting to locate the light switch. This immediately sets the tone of play to one of a dark and dreary setting but as the play progresses the lighting and mood altogether changes as more and more themes are...
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