Drama Analysis: Muet

Topics: Communication, Better, Problem solving Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Extracurricular activities are a good chance for every student to improve himself/herself in many different ways. These activities are offered by educational establishments, but they are far more interesting than common lessons. In SMKPJ, the MUET drama festival had became one of the compulsory activities for all the Lower Six students. As one of the participants in MUET drama festival, I strongly agree that the MUET drama festival should be made as a yearly event for the Lower Six students.

The MUET drama competition had contributed many benefits to the students. Drama competition is a tremendous way to build confidence. By overcoming innate fear of speaking in front of others, they are stepping outside of your comfort zone in a very healthy way. The skills you acquire translate to increased confidence in the their life as well as improved communication skills with others. If the 'old one' suffered from doubt and anxiety, they will find it gradually replaced by a new self image. In this one they will see themselves standing tall, talking easily and communicating well.

Besides that, the involvement in the group activity and interaction with other people develops students' socializing skills and they become more open with people. Putting themselves forward makes it easier for you to meet others. The increase in sociability which is a crucial ability for personal development and an important criteria for job interviews in their future. People's ability to make friends or to become a part of a group promotes self-confidence and creates a better atmosphere of liability among people.

Moreover, the drama competition requires students to embody various characters with situations, personalities and life style which vastly different from the student's own. In order to portray the character realistically, students have to find ways to relate themselves with the character. This practice of putting themselves in someone else's shoes enhances students'...
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