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Kesner Pierre Paul
English 24 , Home work

According to Rosie to Lucy the author indicate Women in the 1950s sought out to be nothing more than House wives who cooked and clean and took care of the kids while their husbands where off to work, there were woman with careers but that was considered abnormal. Unlike today, having to work for a living and look after a home and family was not considered a particularly desirable option by most women. Most women who could afford it gave up work when they married. The prospect y of 'juggling' a job and a family wasn't terribly appealing. Women who were serious about pursuing a career generally stayed single. In that particular generation society imbued within the women to be that by portraying it in television shows such as The honeymooners where the wives of the series stayed home cooked and clean and watch after the home while the husbands were off working hard brining in the money.

In the reading from Rosie to Lucy the ?author points out the stereotypical society that existed within that era “?stereotype" of women being ?nothing more than a mere house wife in the 1950s. Within the reading it explains that “?the media lavished their praise on women who devoted themselves to family and home”?. ? ?Now day’?s ?women of this ?present era ?highly disregard such a claim. With what society ?claim to be ?a "proper social standing for women". Betty Friedan was one woman who "resented the wide A great difference between the idealized image society held of them as housewives and mothers and the realities of their daily routines"). She seemingly questioned her motives and wonder about ?her purpose as a woman, if being a housewife was ?all their is to , ?was being a house wife something she was destined to live, why did she want more out of life?  ?

Growing up in a single parent household in New York, My mother was a housewife similar to the ones in the reading until my father gotten incarcerated and she...
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