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Drake has become one of the most talked about artist in the 21st century, from singing to raping to acting he does it all. What a lot of people don't realize is where does he get his inspiration from for some of his songs. He has won award after award for different songs and different accomplishments. People always wonder though how does he come up with all these songs in such short times, does he have another person writing for him, maybe he's just always out looking for inspirations or it could just be he is that talented. The problem is no one really knows all they can do is suspect what his inspiration is.

One song that was very popular was “I get paper” which he wrote very early in his career. It is said that he got his inspiration from a song called “Tom's Dinner” from the late 80s, early 90s written by Suzanne Vega. It uses the same beat, but something that is really similar between the two and makes me feel that is where he got his inspiration from is both Suzanne as well as Drake happen to use “I” a lot in the song which means both of them were talking about themselves and their own experiences and thoughts. It caught me attention because both of them talk about in their song of someone looking at them. They both take it different ways though as Suzanne says the person does not see her, and Drake says he's waving at the person through a window at the end of the weekend. This kind of proves Drake uses past artist and successful people to help inspire his music.

This was not the first time that Drake has used someone else as inspiration, in the past he has said that Lil Wayne has had a great influence on his music. He looks at him as a role model, inspiration as well as uses him to help with his song writing. Drake is one of the best in the business at what he dose. He has also been quoted as saying that past experiences are a key to his inspiration, things that have happened when he was younger and as he grew up with females and friends were big...
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