Dragon Multinationals, Lenovo Case Study

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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MBA Business Project – International Business
Dragon Multinational Case Study
The project builds from the discussion of Dragon Multinationals (major multinational corporations founded in emerging economies) in topic two of the International Business module BST524. Students should familiarize themselves with the subject by reviewing Topic Two on Blackboard for BST524, to which all MBA students have access. Project

The project involves selecting a major Dragon Multinational and conducting a case study in two major parts. 1. An in-depth analysis of the factors that led the corporation to be successful 2. A three year global development strategy for the corporation, taking into account the current business environment Selection of corporations

You may select any globally-active Dragon Multinational corporation. However it is crucial that there is sufficient material, including independent analysis from academic sources, in order to be able to complete a quality case study. Corporate communications material will be of only very limited usefulness. Serious newspaper and magazine articles may be used, but only in the context of a scholarly analytical framework. Corporations which would be suitable for selection include, but are not limited to: Acer, Arcelor Mittal, ASUS, Cemex, Lenovo, Li & Fung, and Tata Corporation. In order to avoid collusion, each corporation may only be selected by one student, and you must clear your selection with Jonathan Murphy prior to commencement. Theoretical framework

Your global development strategy should be presented in an organized form based on existing models. A starting point for understanding how to put together a development strategy is Lasserre’s “Designing a Global Strategy”, Chapter Two of Philippe Lasserre (2007), Global Strategic Management, London, Palgrave. This Chapter is available online and in the library. The chapter cites a number of references which detail different approaches to global...
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