Dragon Ball Z

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Figure out your study habits, such as re-reading previous notes or pages in a textbook.
It helps to think about what you'll be doing if you flunk and get an "F" or under 35 marks. Think about this and it will compel (or "entice") you to do better.
It really helps if you drink water because your body needs to stay hydrated.
Whenever you feel like studying -- do it. Don't waste your inspiration, but lift it up.
Make tasks for each day to see that you complete your work in your given period of time.
Never back down or fizzle. Relax for a few minutes; then get back on your study plan.
Persistence (keeping on it) is the secret in medium, longer term goals, get some talent (pursue what you want to become good at a higher level: start to do develop your ability; desire it and follow through to shape your talent/or skill).

Potential Issues With Concentration

1Look at what influences concentration. Many issues go far beyond mere laziness into planning and facilitating (making it happen).
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2Get a full night of rest. Sleep deprivation can make it very difficult to concentrate for a topic for long periods of time. Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of rest per night.

3Remove stress and anxiety producing factors. Worrying about other things, whether they be relationships or friends, can make it difficult to put those issues aside and focus on your studies. You may want to consider removing some of these stresses and tackle them head on. Is your schedule too loaded? Are you dealing with peer pressure? Prioritize your schedule and develop confidence in your...
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