Drag Racing

Topics: Mars, Mars Exploration Rover, NASA Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Kyle Tucker

Aliens Take Over Mars

English lll
14 December, 2012

I am sure we all have been wondering and heard on the news about the supposedly finding of earth on mars. There are always the people that find a way to make it not believable, but can they really prove that there is no life on mars? The NASA Mars rover, Curiosity, has found evidence that there could possibly be life on Mars. “Rumors are currently swirling after John Grotzinger, project scientist for the Curiosity rover, stated that NASA could soon announce that the mars rover has made a discovery that is "earthshaking one for the history books," prompting speculation that the rover has discovered organic material, which could be indicating that there is life on Mars”(Carberry). There has been more than one discovery or thought of life on Mars. “Back in the late nineteenth century, Percival Lowell speculated about life on Mars, hypothesizing that it had an ancient civilization of intelligent beings living there”(Carberry). “In the nineteen nineties, scientists said that they found evidence of what might be a microbial remnant in a Martian meteorite that had fallen to Earth in Antarctica”(Carberry). In two thousand four, with vastly improved instruments and capabilities, scientists have learned that there were ancient riverbeds on Mars and that it once had bodies of saltwater. They have also confirmed that there are remains of significant amount of ice water on Mars, and they even saw fascinating evidence of runoffs of water from cliff sides on Mars. “The six-wheeled, nuclear-powered rover landed five weeks ago inside a giant impact basin called Gale Crater, near the Martian equator, to conduct NASA's first astrobiology mission since the nineteen seventies-era Viking probes”(Chang). “Scientist found evidence in Curiosity that lead to be said that sand was shake-and-baked inside the car-size rover's chemistry kit bubbled off traces of organic compounds such compounds, made of carbon and...
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