Draft Questionaire- Hr Functions in Indigenious Companies

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Organization Pages: 4 (884 words) Published: July 25, 2011
Dear Respondent:
I am BBA student of North South University doing a survey for the partial fulfillment of Intership report that involves the practice of HR functions in indigenious companies . It will take only few minutes of your time. Your response would be of great help in accomplishing the study. However, this information is only for academic purpose and will not be disclosed elsewhere. I heartily thank you for your cooperation.

For the following questions, PLEASE tick (√) your answer according to the degree of your agreement. [e.g., 5 = ‘highly agree’, 4 = ‘moderately agree’, 3 = ‘agree’, 2 = ‘moderately disagree’, 1 =‘highly disagree’]

Company/Firm: ________________ Position: ______________ Education level: ______

Tenure of job: ________ Gender: _______ Age: _____ Total number of employees: _____

Independent variable: Section One

Workplace Environment (IV)12345
1. Employees are not required to report what they have done in training (away from the job). 2. Employees have not been trained to recognize and handle difficult situation at critical market conditions. 3. Employees have not been tranied to recognize and handle threatening, aggressive, or violent behavior. 4. Management provide a safe working place for all employees. 5. Management promote high standards of employee health. 6. Do management and employees do volunteer jobs or any changes that can bring out the best within the organization?

Independent varible: Section Two

Recruitment and selection12345
1. A systemic recruitment and selection process pulls out the best candidate from the alternatives. 2. Recruitment and selection can bring success to short-term functional and long term strategic goals 3. Your organization follows all the best method of Recruitment and selection process. 4. To overcome the rapid change in the market, various new methods of Recruitment and selection should be...
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