Draft of the Warmth of Other Suns

Topics: Sociology, Jim Crow laws, African American Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 26, 2012
t ofIntro Paragraph: Explain background of Great Migration. Time period. Re-enact the time. Use works of literature in book (poems, quotes, songs). Refer to Wilkerson interview explaining how Migration was so great because it wasn’t planned. Wilkerson said it was a movement where people did it for themselves and don’t see themselves as heroes. Most people don’t even know that they were apart of history. Every person had his or her own reasoning for leaving. Be sure to use Wilkerson a lot and tie that to facts about the Migration. The three characters in The Warmth of Other Suns vary in a number of ways when looking through different disciplines at each characters reasoning for leaving their circumstances and migrating. Ida Mae left because of a psychological battle, George because of cultural exposure, and Robert has a special case where sociology and geography coincide.

Ida Mae Brandon Gladney…Define psychological discipline. Where she was from. Kids. Husband. Circumstances include her husband’s cousin was accused of stealing turkeys so they beat him half to death. Ida and her husband grew tired of living unfairly and in fair. Ida mentally couldn’t take it. She was also pregnant with a child now and can’t live in the fear she has grown accustomed to. Explain her father’s death. Woman in society…always could hang with the guys and stood for what she believed. Quote on page 31.Explain the well incident. Explain Carter shooting. Living in constant fear was Ida’s challenge, which carried a cloud over her head, and now that her family was growing she grew tired. Ida’s journey was a process but mainly cause and affect. Insert quote to add illustration. Page 34, 35.

George Starling was influenced by a cultural discipline. Give examples or illustrate culture. Define it. His life was threatened. His culture threatened him. I proclaim him to be a rebel at heart from the beginning. He always just dealt with the pressures he lived under. Page 36 quotes. Illustration...
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